Choosing Brass Door Handles to Beautify Your Home

When shopping for LoAndCoInteriors brass door handles, you will notice many benefits to choosing brass over other metals. The brass door handles can be used for interior or exterior doors. There are so many great benefits to brass door handles that it’s hard to explain them all. However, by reading this article, you will quickly understand the benefits of brass handles to help you make an informed decision on where to purchase brass door handles for your home.


As you probably already know, brass is an excellent conductor of heat, making it a perfect door handle. The brass door handles and frames are often used in high-traffic areas like front doors. The handles themselves are also a pretty big deal because the handles must fit the glass door perfectly and smoothly. The entry is usually sealed with a thick layer of glass. Brass handle knobs are usually solid and long-lasting, which is why they’re famous.



Antique collectors love the brass door handles because they’re attractive and look great. However, because they’ve been around for so long, they also have this history behind them. Antique door handles give a sense of history and royalty. Some of the antiques are one hundred years old, but they are well worth the price. If you are planning to get a handle made from antique brass, you will probably be able to find a good antique at a discount price. However, you should also consider that antique pieces are more challenging to maintain than modern pieces, and so you should only buy them if you’re sure you want to keep them.


If you have antique LoAndCoInteriors brass door handles, then you may want to purchase them in sets. Several stores specialize in selling door hardware, including hardware outlets, home improvement stores and Internet sites. There are antique door handles that match the rest of your interior decor, including hardware made from crystal, glass and silver. Many times, you can find sets including both the handle and the hinges or knobs. It’s really up to you on how to proceed.


You can add charm to your home with brass door handles. For example, if you have an antique or heirloom brass door handle and decide to add it to your living room, you could match the hardware with the fabric on your couch or even the wall covering. Alternatively, you could choose a knob and have it match the colour scheme on your cabinets, tables and flooring. You can even select a knob with a decorative handle and a solid brass door handle on the other end.


You can add elegance to a kitchen by adding some antique LoAndCoInteriors brass door handles, as well. The best part is these pieces can be purchased relatively inexpensively. A knob set with a couple of different handles is much less than buying two separate handles for the cabinets, and it is also less than purchasing a complete cabinet knob set. These door handles can give your home a more classic or elegant look and will bring a sense of nostalgia when the time rolls around to relieve your family’s history.