Difference Between Cosmetic Dentists and Prosthodontists

Basically, a cosmetic dentist is responsible for making your teeth look their best, and a general dentist is responsible for making sure that your gums are strong and healthy. They are also able to remove small imperfections on your teeth, like in the case of a gum lift. The job of a cosmetic dentist Adelaide includes making sure that your tooth is clean, filing your teeth, and making sure that they are clean and healthy before you visit the dentist. They can even improve your smile in appearance so that you can always feel comfortable about your mouth, no matter how big or small it is now.

Another difference between cosmetic dentists and prosthodontists is that prosthodontists are trained to correct jaw abnormalities. A prosthodontist will work on your face to restore symmetry, straightening out your face, sculpting your cheeks, fixing your bite, smoothing out your wrinkles, and more. These specialists will help make your entire face less noticeable and can even help to reshape your features.

cosmetic-dentist-adelaideWith both types of specialists, they use different methods to correct dental conditions. A cosmetic dentist Adelaide may perform a variety of tooth-coloured fillings, including porcelain crowns and composite resin. Resin composite fillings have become very popular as of late because they are not only durable and appealing, but they are permanent as well. They can last for up to 10 years before they need to be replaced, and they don’t require the same amount of maintenance as other tooth-coloured fillings. They can be removed by your dentist and replaced with another tooth-coloured filling, or they can be replaced with other materials that look similar.

If you want your facial features to be enhanced, your cosmetic dentist uses techniques such as gum contouring and veneers. Gum contouring involves making an incision along your gums, pulling them down, and reshaping your mouth. This can be done using laser technology and is one of the latest and most popular procedures in cosmetic dentistry. Veneers, meanwhile, are made from synthetic materials to replicate the look of real teeth, so that people won’t be able to tell that you have any missing teeth. These devices are usually bonded to the front of your tooth, but veneers can also be placed behind your false tooth if you choose.

In addition to these procedures, a cosmetic dentist can also provide you with other services. These include jaw exercises that can repair tension that leads to teeth falling out, as well as tooth whitening and bleaching. They can also provide you with custom-made appliances, such as crowns and bridges, which can be used to fix damaged teeth. Finally, many dentists will also offer custom orthodontics, which can help your facial structure to be more in line with your overall health. Orthodontics can involve anything from braces to retainers to appliances. Your cosmetic dentist can discuss all of these options with you and help you find exactly what your needs are.