Cape Crawford is the gateway to the Lost City, a unique geological formation in the Gulf of Carpentaria region of Northern Territory, Australia, and to Poppy’s Pools, a cool oasis in the Australian Outback. Cape Crawford Tourism also now runs tours out to Vanderlin Island, a beautiful tropical getaway.
Approaching the Lost City on foot

The ground tours into the Lost City began operating in 1993 from Heartbreak Hotel and now Cape Crawford Tourism is the only tour organisation offering access to these awe-inspiring sites.

Contrary to it’s name, Cape Crawford is not located beside the ocean, but some 110 kms South-West of Borrolola. It is named after Lindsay Crawford, one of the drovers who discovered the site in the early 1880’s driving cattle across Australia from the East Coast.

The helicopter leaves from the launch pad opposite the Heartbreak Hotel. Free camping is available to self contained tourists.

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