The Role Of Your Dentist Adelaide In Preventing And Treating Gum Disease

A dentist also referred to as a periodontist, is an oral surgeon who specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of oral diseases and conditions. The dentist Adelaide by DentalExcellence has the training and experience in performing a variety of oral conditions and diseases, including periodontal disease. The dentist’s supportive medical team often aids in giving oral healthcare services. Dental Assistants (DA’s) are the dental technicians that assist the dentist during dental treatments and also do some office work, including taking x-rays and managing billing and patient accounts.

Dentist Adelaide by DentalExcellenceDental Assistants assist the dentists by taking X-rays and assisting with other clinical tasks including preparing teeth for root planing and extractions, assisting in cleaning, preparing the teeth for crowns and bridges, preparing the teeth for impressions and veneers, taking and developing dental charts, preparing and ordering laboratory tests, preparing patient specimens and depositing dental casts, etc. The duties of DAs naturally depend upon the area of practice and the specialty of the dentist. An assistant to a dentist Adelaide by DentalExcellence can be a person who is fully qualified and competent to perform all the tasks listed above. Some assistants will be certified DAs, while others will not be. The dentist may prefer the full assistance, or he may limit his assistants to those whose technical abilities are sufficient to aid him in the treatment of dental patients. Many dentists offer on-the-job training to selected applicants who have passed the necessary dental examinations.

An essential duty of a DAs is the preparation and acquisition of x-rays. The dentist is usually the one to order and provide the required materials for the x-ray process. The DAs should know general photography techniques, radiation exposure safety, computer software, dental office practices and office management. They must carry and use dental floss and other dental equipment. DAs are required to submit to continuing education in their field of expertise every two years or after completion of the dentist’s post-graduate residency.

A misconception that many people mistakenly believe is that a simple oral health checkup means routine teeth brushing. A dentist Adelaide by DentalExcellence should focus more on preventive care and maintenance than simply repairing dental problems. Dental procedures are never fun, but they could be made easy if people understood the basics.

The field of dentistry has been improving steadily since the mid-20th century. Improvements in oral medical care and dentistry technology are almost unmatched in any other profession in the United States. The American Dental Association is one of the largest professional organizations of dentists in the nation.