Proper instruction for using a Sling Psychrometer Australia

Psychrometer AustraliaA sling psychrometer is a scientific instrument that measures humidity and ambient temperature. Every meteorologist or researcher must know how to use one correctly. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use a sling psychrometer Australia:

  1. Check the cotton wick on your sling psychrometer; make sure that it’s in good condition and firmly in contact with the thermometer bulb. A psychrometer with a frayed or yellowed wick will not give an accurate reading; it will have to be replaced. Never touch the wick using your fingers as it contaminates and disrupts the accuracy of the wick. In addition, make sure you check for a separated mercury column.
  2. Use distilled water to saturate the wick thoroughly. If the water beads up and doesn’t quickly soak, it’s a clear indication that the wick of your sling psychrometer Australia needs replacement.
  3. Face into the direction opposite of the wind and start swinging your sling psychrometer at a steady, comfortable pace. About two turns per second are already good. Be cautious that you don’t strike the psychrometer on a nearby table, railing or obstruction. Keep it away from your body so that you don’t pick up your own body heat.
  4. After about a minute, pause and check your wet-bulb temperature. Make sure you read it quickly to the nearest tenth degree. Stopping too long will result in a change in temperature, which makes your reading inaccurate. Continue swinging the psychrometer for another minute or so. Recheck the wet-bulb temperature and see whether it has changed from your initial reading. If it did, continue swimming for another minute or two and check again. Repeat this process as necessary. Your goal is going to be getting the lowest possible reading from your wet bulb.
  5. With caution, quickly read and record the final wet bulb and dry bulb temperatures to the nearest 0.1 degrees, adding between tick marks if necessary.
  6. Use whatever method is available to compute the dewpoint and relative humidity of your sling psychrometer Australia. You can use a psychometric computer, table, or Skew T-diagram.


Keep in mind that most beginners don’t take accurate psychrometer because they don’t follow the necessary steps and methods in doing so. However, you don’t have to be among these people if you’re a beginner yourself. Make sure you use as much information as you can and use your sling psychrometer to get accurate readings moving forward.