Physio Port – A Variety of Specialties

Physio Port Adelaide, also known as physical therapy, is an allied health profession which, using scientific knowledge, evidence-based practice, movement prescription, electromyography, exercise and rehabilitation supervision, health education, physical therapy equipment, electromyography diagnosis, massage and occupational therapy. With the use of these knowledge-based practices, the professional physiotherapist may help patients suffering from musculoskeletal or neurological conditions, to recover their normal and optimal performance, in a timely and efficient manner.

Physio Port AdelaideA physiotherapist has been defined as a specialist in health care professions. A physical therapist is a professional that assists with the care and treatment of musculoskeletal and neurological disorders, such as injuries to muscles, bones and ligaments, nerve injuries, sprain and strain, spinal cord injuries, and psychiatric disorders, including neurological disorders. A physical therapist may also specialize in sports medicine, pediatric physical therapy, geriatric, gerontology, rehabilitation and stress management.

In the United States and Canada, several programs provide physical therapy programs. Programs for this field may be individualized to the needs of each patient, as well as the needs of their family and medical care team, which may include a psychiatrist, physician, physical therapist, nurse practitioner or athletic trainer.

Many physio Port Adelaide programs offer a post-rehabilitation program for patients who may have sustained an injury, illness or trauma that may not allow them to return to their usual activities immediately after their injury or illness. The rehabilitation program allows the physiotherapist to help the patient regain strength, function and improve their posture, mobility, and balance. In some cases, these programs are referred to as ‘core strength’ programs. Other physiotherapy programs may focus on the rehabilitation of specific areas, such as upper and lower body rehabilitation or joint or skeletal rehabilitation.

As stated above, physiotherapists may specialize in one or more health care professionals. Many health care providers may benefit from the expertise of a physiotherapist, and a physiotherapist may benefit from participating in a coordinated program. In some states, a registered nurse, physical therapist, chiropractor, licensed therapist or podiatrist may participate in a coordinated program. In contrast, a physician, psychologist, psychiatrist, nurse practitioner or athletic trainer may only be required to participate in a clinical training program.

Physio Port Adelaide has been around since the early 1900s. Today, many professional organizations provide continuing education programs for practitioners and students and teachers.

Physical therapists have a variety of specialties. These include orthopedic physical therapy, athletic therapy, geriatric physical therapy, neuromuscular physical therapy, rehabilitation and sports medicine. Practitioners may choose to specialize in one or more of these areas.

To locate a suitable physical therapy program in your area, contact your State Physiotherapy Board. If you are interested in becoming a physical therapist, you can contact the State Board of Physical Therapy in your state or find an agency online.