Poppy’s Pool

These thermal pools are situated 70 kilometers from Cape Crawford on Bauhinia Downs Station, traditionally owned by Harry Lansen from the Gudanji tribe.

The hot spring water rises under pressure from a large aquifer system 5-7 km’s deep in the earths crust. It emerges to the surface through permeable faulted sandstone rock of the Roper Group, where it cools as it moves downstream and mixes with the water from the cool spring.
Take a refreshing dip in Poppy’s Pools

The Roper Group consists of quartz-rich sandstone and mudstone that were deposited in a shallow marine environment about 1450 million years ago. This enormous sand sheet and shallow sea covered much of Northern Australia at the time, and the sediment was shed from a mountainous belt that rose from what is now the McDonnell Ranges in Central Australia.

Percolation of spring water through the sandstone over millions of years has cemented the quartz grains tightly together, giving the rocks a hard polished surface. This rock hardness has also suppressed erosion and led to the development of the waterfalls, which boasts a flow of 80, 000 gallons per hour, twelve months of the year.

The pandanus lined creek is an excellent backdrop to the majestic falls, so tranquil and peaceful. The water has a high mineral content and is very therapeutic and remains about 27°C all year round. It is a photographer’s paradise with the many water birds that will be spotted in the area.

Fly By Helicopter or Drive Yourself

Still unknown and untouched, eco-tourism at it’s very best this tour suits the traveller that wants to escape the hoards of people that are usually found in places like this.

You can be flown there by helicopter for $500 per person.

Or if you prefer to drive there yourself, prices start at $50 per person. You will be given paddles and life jackets for the short boat ride from the cool pools to the thermal pools.
It is exclusively yours until your return

A Guide will be available if you require, at extra cost.

Poppy’s Pools – Helicopter Flight: $500 per person
Poppy’s Pools – Self drive: $50 per person (children free)