How to Clean Your Blinds Adelaide at Home?

Sure, you can brag about always cleaning your windows; but what about the blinds that cover them. Whether you have a wood, fabric, aluminium, or vinyl BettaBlinds blinds Adelaide at home, all of them are great pieces for keeping your home cooling, all while blocking out light and providing some privacy from nosy neighbours. Unfortunately, blinds are also great at collecting dust, dirt, pet hair, and other types of debris. But fret not, as there’s no need to clean every single slat at a time or take the entire shade off your window.


All you need are a few minutes and some simple tools to improve your blinds at home. In this article, we’re going to teach you how to clean your blinds quickly and easily. That way, you can add this simple method to your regular cleaning to-do list.


Materials Needed


Before you get started, gather all the necessary equipment and tools for the cleanup:


  • A handheld vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment; a standard size is also an option.
  • Clean, microfiber cloths
  • Microfiber duster (optional)
  • A pale of warm water
  • Dishwashing liquid


Step 1: Prepare the Blinds


Start by lowering your BettaBlinds blinds Adelaide fully. Both wood and faux wood blinds can be closed completely. On the other hand, while vinyl and aluminium slat blinds should be tilted downward instead of closed completely since they tend to overlap.


Step: 2: Dust the Blinds


Hold the bottom of your blind in one hand. Once it’s in position, start wiping the slats of your blind using a clean, microfiber cloth. Start at the top and work your way to the bottom. You can also use the handheld vacuum cleaning with a soft dusting brush attachment. Make sure that it’s set in ‘low-suction’ to remove dust effectively.


Step 3: Repeat Process on the Opposite Side


Once you’ve thoroughly cleaned on the side, flip your blinds and have the other side face you. Repeat the process while using your microfiber cloth or vacuum. Make sure you don’t leave any small spots behind.


Step 4: Use a Damp Towel for Soiled Blinds


If dusting wasn’t enough to clean your blinds thoroughly, you could use a microfiber cloth that’s dampened with warm water. If you have wood or faux-wood blinds, make sure you don’t get them too wet. A mild mixture of water and dishwashing soap can also be used if the blinds have stubborn dust or dirt or have been exposed to grease or any other residue.


Step 5: Finishing; Vacuum Excess Dust


Open the BettaBlinds blinds Adelaide and let it air dry. Vacuum or wipe out any remaining dust or dirt that has fallen onto the window sill or the floor while you were cleaning.