Office Supplies – Chooses a MFD Printer

An MFD printer, also known as multi function multi function printer, is a compact office machine that combines the functions of several devices in a single, small-sized device, in order to have a reduced footprint on a desktop or a laptop computer, or for corporate purposes, to offer centralised document management/production in either a big or small-office environment. The term MFD is often used interchangeably with MMF, which stands for multi function multifunction drive. 

An MFD printer can be used to scan, copy, encode, etch and fax documents. The term MFD is now also used interchangeably with MMF, which means a machine that duplicates or generates a facsimile or digital image from any one or more original sources, such as a scanner or copier. Both terms are used interchangeably for the same type of machine, a printer.

The term MFD means “Multi Function Device”. In this context, it is merely a phrase to describe a piece of office equipment that serves multiple functions. For example, an MFD may be a fax machine, copier, scanner and copier all in one. While the technology has evolved to a certain extent, these devices still require much more space than traditional printers, due to their compact sizes. They are not only limited to copying and scanning documents; they can perform printing, faxing and both types of data movement at the same time, without much trouble. MFDs are usually less expensive than traditional printers, even when purchased wholesale, and can fit into tight spaces, saving the company a great deal of physical space.

mfd-printerIf you’re a business owner and want to buy a small or medium sized ink jet/dielectric printer, then a “MFD” is exactly what you’re looking for. But, do you know how much you really need? Purchasing too many devices isn’t always economical for the small business owner. However, buying MFDs unnecessarily is not only uneconomical for the business owner, but also wasteful. Consider all of the items you use most, such as scanners, fax machines, copiers and MFD printer, and figure out how much room you could dedicate to storing them all, if you purchased every device individually.

Purchasing every MFD separately is a bad decision. This will actually add up to a large cost over the years, since new office supplies are continually being added to the lineup, and the MFDs are outdated from time to time. Additionally, this can tie up a significant amount of money in office equipment that won’t be used for very long. By purchasing a single unit, the business owner saves money and eliminates needless duplication of office equipment.

Overall, there are many advantages to purchasing an MFD printer, especially for the small to medium business owner. In addition to saving money in the short term, purchasing a fax machine separately, you’ll also save money in the long term by not having to purchase new office supplies on a continual basis. For this reason, this should be a top consideration when setting up an office budget. When you factor in the amount of money a new unit will cost, along with the cost of constantly replacing old office supplies, it becomes clear that buying a unit in bulk makes good business sense. If a company fits all of these requirements, then a MFD is definitely the best choice for the small to medium business owner.