During our tours you will often have the opportunity to observe and photograph a variety of flora and fauna. Sandra gives detailed descriptions of their significance to each area.

The fauna are abundant at Poppy’s Pools and some of the animals encountered on the boat ride are particularly interesting. Stopping at the pools for a swim you’ll see a variety of fresh water fish species as well as some small native lizards.
A Ring-tail Dragon suning himself on a rock

During the flight to the Lost City we cross open eucalyptus forests ranging from woolly-buts to bloodwoods to scarlet gums, scattered with groups of rock grevillias with their vibrant red flowers.
Feather Plant

Upon landing you will be amazed at the abundance of vegetation, always a number of species flowering throughout the season creating a colourful wonderland. View our slide show for a more detailed account of these species.

Being surrounded by sea it’s difficult not to see a lot of fish while you are Vanderlin island. Visitors interested in doing a spot of fishing might find themselves pulling in a great catch.

You’ll be given the some unique opportunities to take some spectacular photographs while on the island from brolgas wading the shallows of the estuaries to beautiful sunsets on the beach. There is a wide variety of bird life on Vanderlin Island.