Bottle Recycling Depots

We’ve all heard of bottle recycling programs, but what does a bottle recycling depot do? It’s an important service that is available in many areas. Find out what an Adelaide bottle recycling depot can do for you and what you can expect when you drop off your old, used bottles at one of these depots.

Tub Recycling Depot

Bottle Recycling DepotA sign in the window states that they accept all glass, cans, paper, aluminium cans, and PET bottles. The office offers a drop-off program where you can bring your bottles and other glass products to the office, and they will either pick them up or ship them out. There are several convenient locations for recycling glass bottles, including Surety Drive and Salmon Bay Road.

Beverage Recycling and Refining

This Adelaide bottle recycling depot takes care of all types of bottles, including soda, water, energy drinks, mineral water, juice, and even lipstick. They have separate areas for plastic, aluminium, and glass bottles. All of the paper, cans and other glass bottles can be separated by size. Some Beverage Recycling depots also offer a place to fill water bottles, allowing those who live far away to take advantage of this service. Some areas will even give you a sticker or license to fill the container with water instead of a tax deposit.

Recycling Glass Bottles and Aluminium Cans

The South Australia state recycling glass and cans depot work with manufacturers and bottle distributors. In addition to sorting, the depot recycles these materials into a new product such as margarine and mayonnaise. They also offer other services such as removing labels off jars and sorting newspapers. This depot recycles the aluminium and glass bottles put in the bins and takes the can off the top before it is recycled. Once the can is removed, it is then placed into a recycling container.

Green Deals

The green deals at the Adelaide bottle recycling depot can help you save money. Not only do they offer discounts on paper products, but they also offer large discounts on paper. They offer paper and ink cartridges for $5.00 each, paper towels for $3.00 each, and plastics for just $1.50 each. If you buy one box of these items at the green deals, you save five dollars. The majority of these products are recycled, so you help support a recycled planet.

Bottle Recycling Programs

You can also find a bottle recycling program at the Adelaide bottle recycling depot. Here, they recycle the plastics that are thrown into their trash bins, as well as the paper. There is a recycling kiosk where you can place your empty plastic bottle, and they will take care of the rest. As you can see, recycling is a huge benefit to the environment and people who care about the world around them.