What Are A Podiatrist Adelaide And How Does He Help Me?

Podiatry or foot and leg surgery is a specialized branch of medical science dedicated to the medical and surgical diagnosis, treatment, prevention, rehabilitation, diagnosis and care of diseases of the lower limb, foot, and ankles. It is often used in conjunction with orthopedics, sports medicine, rehabilitation, neurology, psychiatry and other related fields. Patients suffering from disorders of the feet, lower limbs, or ankle will usually go for a complete evaluation by a podiatrist Adelaide.


Many patients come for checkups every three months, and no rule says this should be the case. A visit once in every six months can also be considered as a routine checkup, but if you have been feeling pain for an extended period of time, you may need to go for an appointment more often. Most podiatrists will give you a prescription for over the counter medication if you are on pain medications. Your doctor of podiatry will recommend the appropriate type of medication based on your condition.


If your pain is associated with a condition known as pododermatitis or other foot deformities, then the podiatrist Adelaide may recommend some type of surgical intervention to correct the problem. The foot will be examined to find out if it is causing any pain.


X-rays and ultrasound imaging may be necessary to diagnose the condition and the cause correctly. This may include a bone scan or magnetic resonance imaging. This method is not always practical, however, because there may be other conditions that are causing the pain. In some cases, the doctor may want to perform further diagnostic tests to confirm the diagnosis.


Podiatrist AdelaideThe doctor will evaluate the extent of your foot pain, determine if there are underlying conditions that might be causing the pain, whether you are a candidate for surgery and determine if any surgery is necessary. A surgical procedure known as an orthotic replacement may be recommended if there is extensive pain caused by an injury or disease in the lower body. There are various types of orthotics, and many of them are appropriate for specific purposes. For example, if you have suffered a broken bone, you may be advised to wear a cast or orthotics that will support and stabilize the joint on your foot.


Sometimes, a podiatrist will recommend anti-inflammatory medicines or pain relief in addition to surgery. Some podiatrists will suggest a combination of both types of therapy if their patient has multiple conditions causing pain in the lower limb or ankle. Surgery may be necessary if the condition is more severe. A podiatrist Adelaide is your best source for answers to any questions regarding the treatment options for your condition.